“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”
Peter Drucker, Ökonom, 1909 – 2005

Stockner Business Intelligence – IBM MAXIMO Enterprise Asset Management, Software Consulting & Training in Graz

Imagine you are driving a sleek sports car: a smart coupé or hot convertible with a whole load of horsepower under its hood. You press down on the accelerator and become pleasantly aware of the car's power. As the landscape whizzes past, you check the speedometer... but there isn't one. You have no idea how fast you are travelling, you don't know when you will arrive at your destination, and you have to rely entirely on your gut instinct to ensure you don't break the speed limit!

It’s the same with your business. You can be as successful and have as much 'horse power' as you like – without a data gathering, analysis and reporting system neither you nor your company are in a position to achieve your goals or make operational and strategic decisions. 

Business intelligence

Business intelligence refers to the analysis and documentation of business data in digital form to gain insights for management decisions.


IBM Maximo Asset Management is a software solution that manages assets such as machinery and buildings, and collects data on significant business processes.


BIRT is an open source software based on Eclipse, which analyses and creates graphic visualisations of data from a wide range of different sources: data is visible at a glance in the form of reports.

We listen, ask questions, and address the issues that are relevant to you. A thorough understanding of the issues is our prerequisite for designing optimal solutions that are tailored to your business.

Individualists in a range of specialised fields - the sum of this intellectual energy is unbeatable brainpower and commitment. Stockner's business intelligence team works for you.

'Many years of experience' is not merely a marketing catchphrase - it's our reality. Business intelligence is a long-standing passion that we nurture for the benefit and profit of your business.

Renowned corporations and companies from a wide range of industries have relied on our knowledge and experience for many years. Find out for yourself, we will be delighted to advise you personally.

Stockner Business Intelligence – bringing data to life.

With software solutions such as IBM MAXIMO and BIRT as well as our many years of experience in organisational development, we take your corporate data and make it both measurable and visible. We support you as you direct and grow the efficiency and success of your business.