BIRT (Business Intelligence Reporting Tool) is an open source platform based on Eclipse, which analyses and creates graphic visualisations of data from a wide range of sources.  The BIRT Report Designer allows us to meet individual report layout requirements with tables and charts. The BIRT Viewer integrates BIRT with web applications. This means that reports can be created within a web-based environment.

Flexible, reliable and always accessible.

BIRT works with all common data formats and databases, and can therefore be integrated into virtually any customer environment. Thus, data from almost any data source can be evaluated using BIRT – reports are not manipulable, and deliver faithful representations of the evaluated data. Another plus: BIRT is an open source software that is available free of charge – download and get started is the name of the game, and there are no software purchase costs.

The industry-leading enterprise asset management product (IBM MAXIMO) utilises BIRT for report analytics.


Stockner Business Intelligence & BIRT

Integrating BIRT into your environment

BIRT enables clear visualisations of collected information from almost any data processing programme. We integrate BIRT into your existing system and make sure it meets the individual needs of your business.

Creating reports

Over the years we have individually programmed several hundred reports for our clients. This allowed us to contribute and deepen our expertise and experience in a very wide range of different industries.
We target our expertise and work closely with you to develop bespoke reports that meet the needs of your business.